Hot Bath an' a Stiff Drink

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Genre: Western, Family, Action

StarringJeffery PattersonWilliam ShockleyRex LinnGrainger HinesMirelly Taylor, & Ronnie Gene Blevins

DirectorMatthew Gratzner


In 1863, after seeing their mother and father massacred by a rough group of outlaws, two 10-year old identical twin brothers, Vance and Tom Dillinger, are separated when Tom is kidnapped by the outlaws.  The two meet again in 1893 after 30-years.  Vance Dillinger is now a U.S. Marshal, while Tom “Lucky” Dillinger is a wanted bandit with a bounty on his head.  A robbery gone wrong allows the identity of Lucky to be exposed, sending Vance and his posse on the trail to capture Lucky and his gang.  A chance discovery unveils information that the killer of the Dillinger parents is still alive, leading Lucky on a ruthless quest for revenge, as Vance struggles between feelings of retribution and upholding the honor of legal justice.