We were buzzed up by his assistant to a penthouse apartment in Marina Del Rey. It’s a temporary dwelling until he and his twin 14-year-old daughters move into an 88-foot yacht he just purchased. At the apartment, the conference table is covered in papers and his phone rings off the hook. Patterson just returned from Tucson shooting the third movie in the past two years that he’s produced and starred in. The latest – shot in December – is the sequel to Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink, a family western where Patterson plays two roles – twin brothers with a sibling rivalry that drives most of the drama.

He said the first was so well received in test screenings they went ahead with the sequel. The two period Westerns come on the heels of a touching family drama set in Alabama called Finding Harmony. All three are currently working on distribution.

“There comes a time when you just have to do it,” Patterson said. “So I decided to produce my own films no differently than Sylvester Stallone, Matt Damon or Billy Bob Thornton.”

Westside People

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